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What do I do next?

I am 42 year old female I had a colonoscopy and they removed a 30x50mm tumor. The dr is pretty certain it is malignant waiting for pathology results to check margins to see if they removed it all. My question is if it comes back with clear margins what do I do next? See oncologists? Get second opinion? Or just trust that it was r3moved and call it a day?
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Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  I know this is hard, but try to sit back and relax.  My 2.5cm tumor was only stage 1.  Size is not indicative of anything... After pathology confirmation of dx, you will need to undergo staging exams - PET/CT, EUS, CEA blood test,etc.  Your doctor should also send your tumor for genetic testing.  You will be referred to a surgeon, an oncologist, and they (along with other doctors) will review your case in tumor board meeting and approve your treatment plan.  Only after that, you may request your oncologist to send your file & tumor somewhere else for a second opinion if desired.  However, most cases are straight forward, and patients opt for starting treatment ASAP rather than waiting for second opinion.  How are you feeling?  I was feeling extreme fatigue when my colorectal cancer was diagnosed.  Wish you all the best!!!! Let us know how you're doing.
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