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What's the relationship between colon cancer, kidney stones and gallstones all in a 3 week time frame

3 weeks ago my father went to the ER with severe RUQ pain and vomitting- diagnosis kidney stones with spots seen on the liver. Then during his colonoscopy they determined colorectal cancer- after testing- diagnosis Stage 4 metastisized to the liver. Tonight he goes back to the ER with severe RUQ pain, CT scan reveals gall stones. I can't think this is a coincidence. Is his whole digestive system just shutting down?  
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His first diagnosis doesn't sound correct.  Kidney stones cause severe back pain and no vomiting.  I think it was his gallbladder the first time he went to the ER, due to where his pain was and the vomiting.  It appears that his colon cancer had spread to the liver, which is very common since the liver filters our blood.  The gallbladder is just coincidental, but the other two are related.  I feel so bad for your father and you, I wish you both all the best and take care.
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