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blood after wiping

the first time i saw blood after a bowl movement was 7 years ago. it was sore down there and hurt like hell. long story short i have gone to doctors on and off. told me to change my diet and all was good. 2 years ago a doctor finally took the effort and used an anascope to do a visual examination and found hemorrhoids. he did a blood test and found out i was not anemic. he told me the possibility of cancer was remote. (no family history)

i recently had another episode of rectal bleeding (3rd time in the past 2 years). i went to the bathroom a lot of times and was wiping harsh and deep.

i am now determined to go to a specialist and ask for a colonoscopy within the coming month (need to take care of some paper work first)

my questions:

1) am i overreacting to ask for a colonoscopy (i am 25 years old and no history of colon cancer in family)?
2) i am freaking out i have cancer. i dont know which one is worst...not knowing how i will handle the bills...or my health...has anyone been in my situation?
3) i would appreciate any kind words as i am worried sick......

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I suggest you google rectal bleeding so that you are better informed when you meet your specialist.  The Medicinenet site is particularly informative.

Colon cancer is extremely rare below the age of 40+ but there are occasional cases especially where there is a family history of colon cancer.

The most likely cause is indeed haemorrhoids as discovered by your previous doctor - but it all depends on how reassured you are by this diagnosis and whatever is revealed by your forthcoming consultation.

If your medical care is a UK-style "National Health Service" (which is free of charge) you may encounter resistance in being granted a (free) colonoscopy but if you are prepared to pay for it then probably your wish will be granted.


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thank you.

i hate to be of annoyance but does an advanced stage colon cancer (stage 4) have additional symptoms to what i have now?(assuming the worst case)

i am normally a strong person, i just can't help but be so anxious.

seeing the specialist asap.
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I'm afraid that I just don't know about colon cancer in detail.  The background to my participation in Medhelp is based on  "torrential diverticular bleeding followed by a total colectomy in 2004". I suspect that a GI specialist would only be able to offer a firm cancer diagnosis after a colonoscopy anyway.  

Even in the worst case colon cancer is often successfully treated if discovered early so you are doing the right thing is seeking prompt medical advice.

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