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colon and liver cancer

My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in Dec 2010.  They removed 4 inches of his colon followed by 6 months (50 hours every other wee) of chemo.  No catscans were done to check any other organs at the completetion of this.   In April of this year, his blood work came back (bad) is what they called it.  They gave him a colonoscopy which came back non cancerous, however, the surgeon wanted to be sure and did another, again coming back clean.  A week ago he had severe diarreha for 1 day and then constipated for the next 4.  The Dr. sent him for a catscan which we told he had colon blockage and now liver cancer.  We are told the liver cancer is in-operatable.  They sent him home and told him to us mild laxatives to clear up his blocked colon.  He is miserable, has severe cramps, and lots of pain.  He is eating ok and going to the bathroom very little.  He is going for a second opinion on the liver cancer but I am concerned about his colon, any ideas?
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Get your husband some Miralax to soften his stools so they are easier to pass.  You may have to play around with the dosage a bit but that's okay.  You can also go to your pharmacy and ask them what they would recommend.  Miralax works very well and I feel it will give him some relief and he may want to keep using it to maintain easy bowel movements.  I'm so sorry for the bad news you received, my thoughts and prayers are with both of you.
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I send my best wishes and prayers to you and your husband.  As an anal cancer survivor, I have daily challenges (usually) re: regularity.

No surgery was done in 2007 when it was discovered.  I did go through aggressive chemo and radiation treatments which left me with difficulties.

All I know of cancer....is that we survivors know there is no such thing as being cancer free.  I have been told by an honest oncologist that I am at a high risk for colon or liver cancer....it is the way of things.

Advice: when I go thru' difficult periods...getting blocked...make a mixture of Miralax and Citracel (sp?).  In the beginning I fought diarrhea...so a different plan...

Best of luck with the second opinion.  Day at a time.  

Has your doctor recommended Lomotil for periods of severe cramping and diarrhea?  Some docs do ...some don't ..whatever makes him comfortable and gives quality of life.

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Do I understand you correctly that he had a lesion bad enough to justify adjuvant chemotherapy but had no CT scan between Dec 2010 and Aug 2012 even with a rising CEA level noted in April? And no repeat colonoscopy was done for almost eighteen months after his resection? And rather than a CT scan the surgeon actually repeated the negative colonoscopy? Who has been following him after his chemotherapy?
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