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my name is katie im fixin to be 18 and i have signs of colen cancer. i was digonesed with anemia when i found out i was pregnunt at age 16. since then i have been constapated and have taken pills that havent worked for me. I have had rectal bleeding almost evertime i use the bath room when i do number2 theres is alot of bleeding more that should be and it scares me. im only 18 and my great grapa died 3 years ago from colen cancer at 87 so there is a history. i smoke and do eat un helthy foods but why would that cause bleedin. i have noticed a drop in weight and i have severback abdomanial pain almost 24 7 witch i dont know is the cause from my IUD. i get headachs alot and dizzines witch are also signs but im to stubbron to go get checked out my husbends insit i go but i feel stupid to tell my dr im 18 and think i may have it witch dont often happen at my age im not 50+ and dont want to sound stupid i really need to go i gess because my sympotems arnt normal what should i do?
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What are piles?
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If your grandpa had colon cancer at 87, this is more likely a sporadic cancer not a hereditary one. If one of your relatives had it at a younger age, then there may be some room to think about an inherited predisposition. If you had a pregnancy and developed piles during exertion, these may bleed intermittently. Discuss the bleeding with your doctor, there are some options that are available. Occasionally though this may mean some surgical intervention. Stay positive.
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Hi - rectal bleeding is never normal and should always be investigated.  Normally colon cancer occurs at the age of 40+ so I would think that you are too young to have colon cancer at this stage of your life even though there is a family history.

However, there are many other complaints which can cause your symptoms apart from colon cancer and your husband is right to try and persuade you to seek medical help.  In other words there are medical conditions which justify you going to a doctor and asking for a diagnosis and treatment.  

Try not to become dependent on laxatives but eat a high fibre diet including fresh fruit and vegetables.

Good luck
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