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Alternative medicine for bipolar

I would like to go to a naturalpath dr for my bipolar. Are they expert enough like medical dr.? Do they have the knowledge? Also, can I wean off my bipolar meds at the same time as taking what the naturalpath suggests? Are they just as knowledgable as psychrists?
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Please speak to your doctor before doing anything!!!!

Dr. Andrew Saul wrote a book, Niacin: The Real Story: Learn about the Wonderful Healing Properties of Niacin. He co-wrote the book with Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D., who published over 600 reports and articles as well as 30 books. His early work led to the use of niacin for schizophrenia and as an cholesterol treatment. Dr. Hoffer died in 2009 at the age of 91, but he successfully treated many thousands of patients with high dose niacin for psychotic disorders.

He presented some very compelling evidence to support treating most psychotic disorders as a vitamin B3 deficiency.

Considering it is very inexpensive and has virtually no dangerous side effects it would certainly be worth a consideration for anyone who has a family member with this mental health challenge. I would also highly recommend picking up this $12 book at Amazon and learning more about its use.
Source Dr. Mercola
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If you have true bipolar, I don't know of anything natural that would help you, but it couldn't hurt to discuss diet and such.  There is no doubt much research you can do on your own first.  But if you have phony bipolar, such as bipolar 2 and its progeny, this is just another version of depression, and then you might have some possible options.
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Thank you both for replying. I have Bipolar1. I have been thinking about going to a naturalpath to see what options there are. I know Holy Basil helps with Bipolar but again I need more info from a professional first. I will keep searching. I will get the book, sounds interesting. Thanks again, Crystal
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Attempt to have a full hormone  panel completed. Most find the cause for the emotional disturbance as Bi Polar in those panels and able to then clarify this being more a symptom - other than the true condition.
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Thank you, this is a good idea.
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It is a good idea, but the notion that most find bipolar to be hormonal is based on nothing as far as I know.  Functional physicians, psychiatrists who also practice medicine so as to rule out physiological causes before resorting to dangerous medications, still find only about %10 or so do have a physiological cause that can be found.  I only say this because this is the sad state of medicine today while we are told it is so much better than that when they sell us their services.  Gotta be persistent.  Good luck.
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