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Botox injections for myofacsial pain syndrome cause extreme pain?

Hi everyone,

I have been suffering from a mystery ailment for the past 20 years (I'm 38 years old female). I have chronic pain in my whole back area, neck, knees, feet, toes, hands , etc. I have been loosely diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobile Type and definitely have Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I do dislocate small joints and have many symptoms of EDS.

Anyway, I have tried everything under the sun in an attempt to treat this pain: supplements, vitamins, muscle relaxers, PT, TENS units, pain medication,  dry needling, massage, heat/ice, anti-infammatories, etc etc.

One of my last hopes was Botox injected into my permanent muscle spasms in my back and neck, which I had done last Friday. Since Friday, progressively my pain has gotten worse and worse, and it is at 10 times worse than it was. I'm basically curled up in a ball on my sofa waiting for it to feel better. I have no signs of allergic reaction, just very bad pain.

Has anyone else received Botox injections for chronic muscle spasm issues and react similarly? I'm afraid that this worsening pain may be my new norm since I have sensitive nerves to begin with.
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The problem with botox for some isn't an allergic reaction only, it's also that it's a highly toxic substance which some won't respond well to.  Have you gone to a specialist to see what's up?  And I'm not necessarily referring to the place you got the injection -- it depends on who did it.  Some Botox clinics are not reliable, so you're better off going to a specialist if that's where you got the shot.  It's most likely a temporary reaction, but do get it checked out.  All the best.
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