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Fish oil (EPA/DHA) recommended doseage

I take one capsule of Mega-Red per day (the daily recommended dosage). I was thinking of switching to N3 Oceanic's ResQ1250 which has about 5-6 times the concentration of EPA, DHA and Omega-3's. However, their daily recommended dosage is 4-6 capsules per day which seems to be the equivalent of taking about 30 Mega-Red capsules per day. Would appreciate your input as to whether my analysis is correct and why are they recommending such a very high dosage.
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The question depends on why you're taking it and the milligrams.  Too much EPA for a person without health problems can be too much, but it's hard to imagine any gel cap containing enough fish oil for a decent daily dosage.  Since I'm unfamiliar with the companies, I can't comment on the product -- take Nordic Naturals myself, and because I have special reasons I take 6 a day, whereas the bottle recommends two.  Remember that recommendations on the bottle are for the company's safety, since there's no necessary daily dosage of fish oil.
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