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Gall Bladder Pain

I have just gone thru four tests for gall bladder pain, the last one being a Hieda Scan(hopefully spelled correctly).  I go to a surgeon this comming Monday for test results.  I do not know what to do if he suggests surgery.  I need suggestions.  I have had gallbladder pain for the last 2 years and they have finally done correct testing for it, so I know now I am not imagining this pain.  Can anybody help me with this?
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the herb curcumin, which stimulates the gallbladder
to release its bile. Curcumin also has antibacterial
and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent
infections and inflammation in the organ.
BUT! if you have Gallstones you might need to have your bladder taken out. You can get an infection, my wife had hers removed.
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Hi Susan....I am going through this right now as well. My ultrasound showed thickening of the walls as well. My doctor offered me the chance to do a liver/gallbladder cleanse first to see if I can ward off surgery. So, I am in the process of doing liver cleanse and support and will be doing a gallbladder flush very soon.
Fresh made applejuice helps to soften stones.....and there are flushes that can actually remove stones. Once you get your Hida results you will know if there are any stones blocking anywhere and a good idea of the function of your gallbladder. Let me know what you find out.
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have you guys tried the olive oil/lemon juice flush? It works great. Will help you dump out the stones and possibly keep the gallbladder.

There is a misconception that is you lose the gallbladder you will lose the pain and that is just not true. Too many reports refuting it. But don't take my word, you can research.

Hope you feel better....
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Hi Peggy! You are absolutely right that removing the gallbladder doesn't always take care of the pain.....many people still suffer with the pain because they end up with too much bile leaking into their system without the storage tank (the gallbladder).
I am in the process myself of warding off surgery and doing liver cleanse first before I attempt the gallbladder flush. Have you done one? Did it make you sick at all during it?
Glad to see you stop in and say hello!! How's the thyroid doing?
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Gallstones can be caused by certain bacteria
in the gall bladder or bilary ducts within the
liver. They act as a point of accumulation for
cholesterol or calcium-carbonate crystals.
A majority of such stones are composed of
cholesterol, yet trials of cholesterol-lowering
statins were shown to be ineffective. Improving
bile flow, however, will help prevent stagnation
within the gallbladder.
Several supplements are known to improve
bile flow. These include dandelion
extract. Both also protect the liver and improve
phase II detoxification ability of the liver.
The amino acid taurine has been shown to
aid in the dissolving of gallstones, especially
when used in conjunction with the substance
ursodeoxycholic acid (UDC), brand-named
Actigall and Ursofalk. One has to stay on the agent
to prevent stone recurrence.
In some patients, external lithotripsy (stonebusting
ultrasound) can be used to break up
existing stones. For others, doctors inject into
the gallbladder or bile ducts a drug called
monoctanoin, which dissolves the stone.
A recent study found that garlic oil was much
more effective than monoctanoin. Oral garlic has
not been tested.
DR. B.
Once the stones are cleared, it would be
important to use supplements that promote liver
health, such as silymarin, taurine, curcumin,
quercetin, alpha-lipoic acid and ellagic acid.
xtract is that they improve bile flow and
gallbladder contraction, thus preventing bile
stagnation, a leading cause of gallstones.
Using these before the stones have been passed
or cleared can cause them to become impacted
in the bile ducts or pancreatic ducts, which can
result in bile duct spasm, and excruciating pain
and a risk of severe complications.
Magnesium may also prevent gallstone
formation. In fact a number of studies have
shown that people who have recurring gallstones
have very low magnesium levels and higher pH
levels in their bile than normal folks.
Treatment with magnesium can dramatically
improve symptoms, mainly due to its ability to
relax smooth muscles and reduce inflammation.
A gallbladder attack is caused by the bile duct
spasm triggered by the stone. I have used
magnesium for kidney stones with dramatic
They also have higher calcium carbonate in
their bile, especially for the calcified gallstones.
Magnesium prevents the formation of the
calcium carbonate stone.
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Thought I would give you and update, the H.Scan came back fine, gallbladder is working fine and did not show gall stones, this morning I had a EGD, doctor said everything looked fine, he did take a couple biobsies to check for stomach infection, but had doubts about it.  He also said next step would be a colonoscopy.  I just had this test done 3 years ago and really do not want to go through it again.  I am so tired at this point in time and to tell you the truth, not sleeping that well.  I feel so lost right now, I know that I am not imagining this and I am so tired of feeling this way.  
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Hi SusanElaine,
May I suggest you try Qigong for stress and  Qigong for beginning practice. Two dvds
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Susan- I would do the gallbladder flush...so many people have removed stones that did NOT show up on any of the gallbladder tests. My own dr even warned me of that, the tests don't always show. You have nothing to lose....well accept for stones! lol
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