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Gallballer Cleanses

Wanted to open a discussion on successfully cleansing and flushing their gallbladder? What type of cleanse did you do? And did it help if you had stones, inflammation, sludge, etc? How many of you resorted to surgery?
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Hi Laura,

I did a gallbladder/liver cleanse once and it worked.... but it made me very ill. (probably because I was already very ill and searching for answers from my physicians but they didn't have any, except I was told that I had a toxic liver). The cleanse I did was drink olive oil and lemon juice.

I never was a candidate for surgery and/or officially diagnosed with liver or gallbladder problems. But I have read testimonials from people who were candidates for surgery and who did the same cleanse that I did. After they did the cleanse, they apparently no longer needed surgery !
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Yes I have heard about the oli and lemon juice but havent done it yet, I seem to get some gall bladder cholic every few weeks, especially if I endulge on Ckae ,cheese and wine, I know it triggers it, I need to get better at my low fat diet ,I have always heard folks who get the surgery still get a lot of pain later ,but I guess you have to have it out if it becomes a danger, I googled Gall bladder and printed out the foods to avoid and the foods rhat help ease it, Beets and cunmcumbers are good and actaully I have found that by eating them a lot, I would not be surprised if my face turned red from the beets aswell as some other stuff!!!
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My stones right now have been asymptomitic for 2yrs and counting .. so I think I'll keep things the way they are, but if I was symptomatic again like i was for a few years ago I'd consider doing this, but because of my kidney stones I'm afraid if it dehydrates you in any way I could end up tossing a kidney stone LOL .

Does this type of cleanse cause dehydration at all i guess is my ? out of curiosity?

PS:  I should have had mine out yrs ago but refuse to do it unless the attack lasts more than an hour and/or drives me to the ER.  My dd at age 16 had hers removed last year and it was not formed right from birth and took 16 yrs to manifest itself into something they could finally figure out which caused symptoms all these years but no stones!!!!!  She has to watch her fried foods still .. but otherwise feels better than before it was removed.
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My doctor put me on a liver cleanse product, but I am going to wait for a week or two before I do the gallbladder stone flush. My chinese medicine and acupuncurist physician and I have agreed upon which one is best...also we both researched and found that if you drink FRESH made applejuice (organic apples) for a week before, it will soften and break down stones. The day you do the gallbladder flush, you drink or eat nothing but organic green apples and then the flush that evening. The reason I am doing this is because I am a candidate for surgery as of my ultrasound results last friday. I do not want to have surgery! I will beat this. My pain has lessoned after being on cleanse for 6 days.
C- what is even more interesting is that the product my dr put me on, also dissolves kidney and bladder stones! One of the ingredients is Watercress which is the stone dissolver for urinary system.
No dehydration involved with a gallbladder flush....or this liver detox product from my internal medicine dr.
The object of the fresh apple juice is to soften stones to easily pass pain free, and good fiber to soak up toxins and overall good nutrition!
Platelet gal...tell me more on how it made you very ill....what were your symptoms?
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margypops- yes I have read a lot of negative things about post surgery symptoms from gall bladder removal as well. Plus the bile from the liver has no storage tank anymore and it slowly leaks into stomach. Also you then do not have enough bile at given times to aide in digestion properly.
Every post surgery patient should be taking digestive enzymes...and a digestive product with ox bile in it to assist. But most drs arent' taught this and dont tell the patients so they suffer needlessly.
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I also find that apple juice helps if you get an attack, with the pain, that watercress idea sounds good can you get that in the regualr stores or does the Health food store carry it, I have Sprouts " near me they are the best health food store I have come across, the technicians will put your aliment into their PC and print out the Natural product to help it.
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Margypops- I bet if you look for a liver support product you can find one with the watercress in it. The product I am taking is pharmaceutical grade that I got through a company through my doctor.
I found 3 bags of organic apples to start juicing. :) :)
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I want to get into juicing when I was in Sprouts the other day I met a man who had a load of 'sprouting grass in a box, I asked him what it was, he said 'wheat grass " and he juices it, we had a long chat and he really perked my interest in trying some juicing, I think I have to get a Liquidiser , the store sell all the fruits and veg you need, Organic of course and their prices are quite reasonable,in fact they let you try samples I did try a horrible looking green concoction, but it tasted good, maybe that was wheat grass also.I have still to track down the Watercress we used to grow it in little pots. my Mom mixed in into eggs for egg sarnys!
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I started juicing a year ago with my Jack Lalane juicer, but you can't do wheat grass in it. My favorite juice is apple with carrots and a little celery...Mmmm!
The juicers for the grasses are a lot more expensive and I decided to start with this first. You can get your greens in the powder mixes if you choose to as well.
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I will try that apple and carrots first since to recommend it , and I am off for a juicer on Friday , so is Jack Lalane , a good make of juicer?, never tried  juicing  before so that may be a whole new thread , regarding juicing , I have heard some very positive stuff about it.I am also a big fan of all veggies ,Raw and cooked , I can make a solitary meal from a huge cauliflower and a dollop of butter.. okay maybe a little cheese..                                                      
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Mmmmmm cheese on cauliflower! Yum!  lol   Yes Jack Lalane is a good juicer and very easy to take apart and clean. Yes juicing is incredible and will give you quite the boost of energy! Just stay away from juicing beets if you have any glucose issues...I learned the hard way! It shot my sugar level up and then I bottomed out with my hypoglycemia. I think I shook for an hour! lol
Add 1 or 2 celery stalks in there too! Let me know if you get your juicer!
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used the hulda clark recipe. Passed lots of green bile, and stones. Of course the naysayers say this is from the olive oil.  I was a bit tired that day, but felt pretty good the next. Got rid of some lower shoulder pain I was experiencing.
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Hi Peggy! So glad you popped in! How are you feeling?
How long ago did you do the cleanse? Did you feel sick at all?  Yah the naysayers always try to discredit and find excuses....whatever right? They can keep taking all their synthetics for everything and keep getting more toxic.
I am praying and believing for this cleanse to work, so I don't have to have surgery.
Hugs to you!
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My wife is doing the bladder flush.  She has sludge in the bladder and was diagnosed with cancer last year.  She is now having episodes of nausea (from the bladder problem).  Is there something she can take for the nausea, which we may have in the house?

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Hi Jeff...welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear what your wife is going through. Has she done any kidney/bladder cleanses yet?
Ginger is great for nausea....you can find it in a tea form. That is the secret to ginger ale....it is made with ginger! :)
What bladder flush is she doing?
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