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Hey deepdiver - What the heck is that now????

Another icon? What is it? some beast??

Geez - you sure are confusing me with all these characters!!!

I miss the dude swimming....  I just put that with you so well.

I am on vacation now - so I can read all your articles. Monday it is suppose to rain all day - so I will be reading alot!

You never got back to me on the vitamins I sent you and when I should be taking them? I changed upped them a bit and now on the Fatigue to Fantasic formula - plus EmergenC packets together. With the 37.5 mg Iodine too.

It was exactly what I needed. I have no more hypo symptoms and feel GRrrrrrrreat!

Any thoughts?? am I push'n to much.

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What you don't like my smile? I just came back from the dentist! I thought he did a GREAT JOB! Stella, I'm sorry, I don't recall you sending me a list could you please resend it? I'm sure the board will be upset I'm going on vacation this Sat.and hope to get on the forum as much as I can. I'm going to S.Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, N.Carolina and Tennessee
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NOT LOOKING LIKE THAT............ I hope.

All I am taking now is the Fatigue to Fantastic ( berry splash) sipplement package with the B complex tablet included

2000mg EmergenC packets

and Ioderol ( about 37.5 daily)

plus my Armour - 2  (120mg) to (max)  2 and a quarter (150mg) daily
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With each produc,t please enter the brand name and manufacturer.
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enzyamatic (sp??) makes  the F and F  enzy.com

EmergenC is Alcer Corp. alcercorp.com

Geez -- pick my brain so early.

armour = forest pharm

Not sure on Ioderol

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Hello Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
EmergenC is OK no problems with the others can't find  Ioderol!
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Is that Enzymatic Therapy?  If so, great company.
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I take Iodoral, it is manufactured for "Optimox Corporation" out of Torrence, CA.

Enzymatic Therapy is terrific. I used to know the Naturopath who founded it, he used to practice in Washington state with Dr. Jonathon Wright. He is quite a man.
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