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Himalayin Goji Juice

Have you heard of the Himalayin Goji Juice.  For more information check out www.****.***.  It is truly amazing.  The only fruit or vegetable in the world that has all 4 polysacharides.  It is a whole food and works on a cellular level.  It helps a huge spectrum of ailments and conditions.
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Goji fruit or wolfberry isn't actually from the himalayas.  It's found frigging everywhere in China and is so common you can find it in any chinese grocery store.
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Basically it is mulberry juice.
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Yes. I have heard of it.
Does it taste good? (I'm not drinking anything that tastes bad).
What is "amazing" is that anyone would believe it has any special properties.
All four polysachharides, you say? Is that good? Why?
By definition, a juice is not a "whole food". You really must be very dim.
"Works on a cellular level"?. I guess just about any food does.
Helps ailments and conditions? Show us some solid clinical evidence, why don't you?
If you want antioxidants, eat an apple. It's a lot cheaper.
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Check out http://www.****.***. Its a knowledge based and user efficacy site about alternative therapies. Here you can find out many remedies for several chronic diseases.
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