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Natural Treatment of Adrenal Burnout


I've read from alternative doctors that underneath ADHD, panic attacks, CFS, etc. is an adrenal problem and that after treatment, these problems have gone away.

I'd like to know what protocols and supplements have been used in rebuilding the Adrenal Glands.

Thank you.
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I use to have a big issue with adrenal fatigue. The very most important thing to take is a good multi B Complex 100 or better. The pills didn't seem to do anything for me, so I went to liquid form. My body absorbed liquid much better. The adrenals have to have Vit B to maintain proper function.  
I tried many types of glandulars, but all they ever seemed to do to me was aggrivate my symptoms and make me feel horrible. I then came accross my acupuncturist who put me on an adrenal adaptogen which did wonders. It supported my adrenals without stimulating them. That was the only thing that worked for me. I to this day have to take my B's. At the beginning it is important to take them a couple times a day. Morning and afternoon. Vit C is also important for adrenal support.
Remember that ANY kind of stress affects and fatigues your adrenals....they are the stress glands basically......the more you stress, the harder they have to work. The more you work them, the more worn out they will get if you don't support them. The more you stress----the more you need extra Vit B complex.
Hope this helps.  :)
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What adaptogen were you put on, and what strength and dosage?
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