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New UTI?

Hi there, my name is Chris & I am a healthy 29yr. old male except for Asthma & Migraines from time to time. Well here recently I have been having some pain in my back in the lower right region. When I urinate, it kinda stings but not bad & goes away but for awhile I still have a little sensation lingering around for awhile at the tip of my penis. Anyways, I have had some mild headaches here & there which i brushed off as stress related or from working hard. I also feel that I have to urinate maybe 5-10 times a day, which I do drink maybe four bottles of water at work a day, is this a sign of a UTI/Kidney Stones or Bladder Stones?? BTW, I should mention I have not been sexually active in over a year & a half.
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