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Pain between my shoulder and back on my right side

For the last 4 years, I have pain between my shoulder and back on my right side and if I pick things up my arm goes weak. When I lie down or sit down in bed my arm goes numb.

I have the same symptoms for the last 4 years, I saw many doctors, the first tried to fix it with inflammation pills, then physiotherapy for 6 months. When I didn't find a solution, he asked me to make endoscopy to see if there's an inflammation in my arm. Since the main pain was in my right arm. It took 6 months to recover from the surgery of endoscopy since he said he cut the muscle joint (Tendon) and moved it. (I didn't know what to do in this case, I didn't want any surgery, he said he will just make endoscopy)

I saw another doctor, he asked for an MRI for my neck and back, and also arm again. Nothing.

So he recommended again physio. Before he gave me Gabrica relief pills and Muserol for 1.5 months.

Nothing changed, instead, I had a headache and more pain. After electric treatment with the physio, the headache was gone and I felt better, but now I have the main pain again (Back upper arm) I don't know what to do. I don't wanna have any new plans from scratch. I just want to understand what is my problem so I can advise myself. Doctors seem not really caring about cases in general, try what they know and move on, then when it doesn't work, they just leave the case unclear.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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Hello~I really think that a chiropractor would help you. You see, if a person has pinched nerves or vertebrae in the spinal area or neck, they can certainly experience weakness and numbness, the chiropractor will go over any x-rays you have, discuss what treatments would help and set up a plan for you. Normally, after a few adjustments, folks start to feel better. Nerve decompression and issues such as yours are some of chiropractic areas of expertise. What do you have to loose, you have tried everything else?
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Maybe, but make sure you find a gentle one.  I would think a massage therapist would be more useful for this.  Chiros are good for some and dangerous for others, but they all learn the same set of adjustments in school and the rest they learn as they go from very short courses of study on the weekends.  I don't disagree one might be helpful here, but again, always take care to notice how rough they are.  Also, chiros don't actually know how to use X-rays for anything.  They give them to charge you for them.  Their machines are generally old and useless.  Most don't use x-rays at all because, as I noted, they are going to do the same adjustments no matter what you tell them because that's all they learn how to do.  I've seen a few in my time, and the main difference is the level of force they use, not what they're trying to do.  Peace.
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I have the same problem and I have had a bad neck injury that causes me problems between my shoulders, arms, accompanied by headache in the back of my head. So, I pretty much know the source of my problem, fixing it has yet to be done.
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When you have a problem your docs aren't solving, you need to find better docs.  I'd want to know why the surgeon did the surgery -- he had to have taken an MRI first and has to have made a diagnosis in order to know where to operate.  He might have guessed wrong, or he might have been right but a bad surgeon.  It definitely sounds like a nerve impingement based on symptoms, and in that area that would probably be coming from your neck.  PT can help with that, but I've found that with PT you never actually get fixed, you have to keep doing it forever, and if you return to doing whatever it is that hurt you it will probably hurt you again, but I'm sure some get much better results than that.  Even if it is a nerve problem from the discs in your neck, though, often the pain is muscular, but you are describing nerve symptoms.  
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Thank you Paxiled for your feedback, I will check other PT now, I wanted to make sure I am on the right path by heading into another PT.

The doctor, made an MRI before the surgery, he wasn't convinced and he told me he still doesn't see surgery is needed, but I was still in pain and things were going unclear, so he said we do an endoscopy, but at the same time he cleaned some inflammation and do the "moving the tendon".
Stll, Not sure how can I know if it's either a muscle since I can feel sometimes burning between my spinal column and my back shoulder, and most of the time is like tired with numbness when sleeping, that increases the pain in the morning and start being less harmful after noon. With always having a tired right arm when, especially when I lift it or use it.
The numbness and tired arm sound like nerve pain.  The easing of pain as you get moving sounds like joint pain, which also causes nerve pain.  But a lot of the pain we feel is muscle pain because the disc problems or shoulder capsule problem or whatever it is can make our muscles work incorrectly or strain.  Also, surgery can alleviate pain when we're lucky and make it worse when we're not.  It's not like docs actually know everything there is to know about the human body, they definitely don't.  Sometimes an MRI shows nothing but when a surgeon gets in there they see the problem, but only if they're looking in the right place.  If it's referred pain from the neck, and that's hard to diagnose, operating where he did can't help.  This stuff is really hard, which is why, when your docs can't figure it out, if you can travel and have good insurance, go to where the best docs work, like the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins or some university hospitals.  The places most of us go are not known for great medicine, but it's what we can afford and where we can get to.  Peace.

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