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Paxil and Effexor

Paxil and Effexor—can cause serious
withdrawal symptoms, especially if
you quit taking them too quickly.
Those side effects can include serious
headaches, anxiety, gastrointestinal
problems, insomnia, sweating, muscle
spasms, nightmares, and dry mouth.
Cheaper, safer ways
to tackle depression
>> Omega-3 fatty acids. Two
important omega-3 fatty acids—
DHA and EPA—play an especially
vital role in brain-cell communication.
I even recommend them to patients
who are already taking antidepressants.
Try taking between 1 and 5 g of
EPA daily, along with 500 mg to 3 g
of DHA.
>> Folate. Research has shown
that about 1/3 of depressed patients
have low folate levels. This doesn’t
surprise me. Folate plays a big role in
the processing and balancing of your
brain’s neurotransmitters.
In one placebo-controlled study
researchers added 400 to 500 mcg
of folate to participants’ usual doses
of fluoxetine (Prozac). The folate
boosted the women from a 50-percent
success rate with the drug to
90 percent. Although it did not
work in men, the dose may have
been too low. I make sure that all of
my patients on antidepressants also
take at least 800 mg of folate.
>> SAMe. This is an essential
molecule in the body that has been
used to successfully treat both mild
and severe depression, alone and in
combination with drugs. Mild cases
usually require about 200 to 800 mg
per day, but more severe cases may
need up to 2,800 mg per day.
Side effects are occasional and
mild—nausea, loose bowels, agitation
and anxiety, headaches, and palpitations.
This stuff can be expensive, but
COSTCO has a product that’s reliable
and cheap—$39.99, which is
less than a dollar per dose. Go to
www.costco.com. ACD
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Be careful about cheap supplements.  They often have fillers and binders that can cause problems of their own, and use cheap nutrients that are often not absorbable.  Also don't do well on random testing.  Better to stick with good companies that independently test their products and have a good reputation.  Also remember, anytime you go high on a nutrient like folate you disrupt the balance the body needs of B vitamins, so you have to be careful to add other Bs to keep that balance.  

You don't know the half of it with Paxil and Effexor.  An incompetent psychiatrist took me off Paxil incorrectly, and three years later I'm still a goner.  No life left.  Irony is, I went off it to try natural remedies, and they had the reverse effect after withdrawal.  Drugs are dangerous, but herbs and natural remedies also require a lot of expertise to dose properly.
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I check with consumerlab.com on supplements.
and with my son who is the principal scientist at a major pharma.co.
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Better to go the real experts, herbalists and naturopaths, who do the actual research on natural supplements and herbs.  Of course, most of it is done in Japan and India and such, who have a better appreciation for the unpatentable.  Google Michael Murry or Murray, he used to be head of a research organization on natural medicine that put out very good information on what is known and what isn't.

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