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Poor circulation (Always cold)

I have always been cold my whole life even in the hot summer months. My feet and fingers go numb and are always cold but I don't entirely know what causes it and what can help it. I am in great health with no heart problems, blood pressure low 102/65 which I know has some effect on it. I see a naturopath and she gives me something in my vitamin injection to help, but other than that we don't know?

Any ideas of the cuases or treatment?
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Hello There.
I just noticed your post about poor circulation and being cold all the time.
Instead writing a lot about what needs to be done I would like to reffer you to this websites where you can find abundance of information and tips on alternative approach to your problem to familiarize yourself with natural approach..
The websites are :



I have been on a large amounts of supplements and this approach helped me with my poor circulation and being cold frequently.
You should not medicate yorself , you should find a good Orthomolecular Specialist in your area and go for consultation. If you don't have one near you go to a good Naturopathic doctor.
Good luck,Hugs,Sunes.
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You might want to get your thyroid tested.  Feeling cold is a symptom of hypothyroidism.  Good luck!
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Thank-you for both of your inputs. I have had my thyroid checked and it is normal 0.8. my cholesterol is as the doctor put it "smoother than a babies bottom", my blood pressure is 98/60 and am very fit, make all my own foods (no processed foods) and I get regular vitamin injection done by my naturopath. I have tons of healthy teas like cammomile, hawthorne etc but none have helped. I also do love cayenne pepper and eat it in mass doses, but doesn't make a difference. I have not tried ginko biloba as I was told because of my brain injury that it was not a good idea. So thank-you for the web-sites as that was kind but I am still a little stuck as the only problem with my heart is a heart murmur which I am told is benine. I have been cold like this since I was a child and even my naturopath is a little stumped. Any other help or ideas would be awesome?
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Have you been to a chiropractor?
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I see a physiotherapist once a week for the last 4 years but now go ever month to treat my broken neck, shoulders, and back.
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