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Vitamin May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Vitamin May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Niacinamide (also known as nicotinamide) is the
functional vitamin form of niacin, and it plays a
major role in a number of biochemical reactions
in the body, including DNA repair and the
synthesis and production of energy by cells.
A significant amount of research shows that this
vitamin improves recovery from strokes and other
vascular conditions of the brain.
A new study tested niacinamide on mice that
were genetically prone to develop Alzheimer’slike
changes in their brains as well as behavioral
dementia. Researchers found that the niacinamide
prevented changes associated with dementia and
also restored normal brain function.11
This is a major finding.
Previous studies found that niacinamide also
produced dramatic improvements in cognitive
brain function following head injuries, even if
given four hours after the injury.
Another recent study found that niacinamide
also strongly protected against Parkinson’s disease
in animal models of the disease.
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I googled it a few weeks ago and they say there has been a lot of success in their tests , on Alzheimers patients, even reversing some , , it is a prescribed drug ,if approved., on the market in a couple of years..
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Hi Marg,
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Interesting .. have you heard about this new med  called 'Remba', that Aberdeen Uni in Scotland are in the 2-3 year of testing... with really good results ?
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