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a new use for coffee

Has anyone tried the coffee enema?

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QUESTION  is it decaff. :-)
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Google "Royal Flush" and read about it. It's agreat way to detox your liver . I use it and I am happy with results. Humor: NO Decaff is not good for that Deepdiver I need all the caffeine I can get plus eating pot.-seriously..
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The "recipe" says to use regular coffee. I did use regular coffee for the enema, but I drink decaff. I did not feel any jtters, afterwards.
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Make sure you are using organic coffee.....there are pesticides etc in regular coffee. You don't want to defeat the purpose. Decaf is only for drinking...lol
How are you doing?? I have missed talking with you!
Any update on your sleeping patterns? How's the thyroid?
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Good point, Laura! thanks.
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I also do coffee enemas regularly...Non-decaf natural coffee and natural filter..I try to do this early in the day and feel a difference.
Good luck
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