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is there anything for bipolar, anxiety and female low libido that is not a prescription...perhaps an herb or a supplement?
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If you have true bipolar, probably not.  If you have one of the trendy bipolars, such as 2,3,4,etc., these are just pharmaceutical company sales pitches for plain old depression.  There are natural remedies that might help with depression and anxiety, but they aren't easy to do for oneself if you have no knowledge of natural medicine.  They would include working on your diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, herbs, vitamins and amino acids that target serotonin, your adrenals, blood sugar, and the like.  Different cultures have developed different whole body ways of tackling these problems.  As with therapy and medication, there's no guarantee of success, but the side effects and potential harm is generally far lower than with medication unless you get into some of the more exotic herbs.  A good book to read to see part of what's out there is Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA, but for treatment you'd want to see a naturopath or a psychiatrist who practices integrated medicine (hard to find and usually don't take insurance).  For low libido, the treatments are pretty much the same for men and women usually, as testosterone and yang energy are the sexual drivers for both sexes.  But if you're suffering from anxiety, most of these are very energizing, and might increase your anxiety, so tread carefully.  Again, professional help is probably best since you don't appear to have a background in this and it's complex.  Good luck.
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