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best fish oil

There is so much information  promoting taking fish oil supplements.
Where can you get good info to pick good brands, free of mercury, recommended  daily doseages,, enteric capsules vs nonenteric ect.
.What aoout krill oil ???How does that rate compared to fish oil.
If anyone has this info please post... I am always at loss to find the best product for the least $$$.
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I have found "Carlson" fish oil liquid to be the best and the most free of all the contaminants. "Carlson" is a great company, and you can count on them to have a good product. I have been taking the liquid fish oil for a few years now, and it has kept my high sensitivity CRP at an extremely good level, very low, and I know it is so good for other things as well. It may be a little spendy, but, it is sure worth it.
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Believe it or not Kirkland has a very good fish oil capsule. It's rated very well. You can get it at Cosco's I believe.
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Thanks all!!! I have used Kirkland's enteric coated fish oil ( they have double omega 3) and liked them. I am glad they are ranked well, we take them as a family. I did NOT kinow they had soy in them ( saw it on label) and I did not know about vitamin E... what does that do??
Thanks again... Have a super holiday weekend all!
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Okay, I am a little naive about fish oil.... what do you mean by,-" but contained listed EPA and DHA High440 mg per very large softgel?" What is EPA and DHA?? Sorry, this a  learning lesson for me.
  Thanks for the teaching moment. I am know you have to watch for mercury... other than it saying molecularly distilled I know NOTHING!!
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And another ?? Is it better to take the liquid oil ( YUK!) I try to take double labeled dose... which gives you more benifit as well as cost too- oil/ capsules??. Thanks.
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Nordic Naturals, in gel caps.  That protects them from oxidizing.  This company uses fish only from one dedicated fishery in a protected area of Norway; it's the reason the company was started.
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