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for paxiled a question

Baylor University researchers found that taking protease lessens muscle inflammation that occurs after resistance
training. Faster recovery means you can lift more weight on subsequent trips to the gym. Benefits experienced  within 3 weeks of taking protease supplements.  Paxiled would you know a good brand to take as this is an expensive supplement. thank you, respirate
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I do, but it's, alas, very expensive.  I take Inflazyme Forte by American Biologics.  If you look on the internet you can find the lowest price, and they make a huge bottle that costs about 90 dollars.  I take them because of chronic disc problems and a bad knee.  You have to take them between meals; if you take them at mealtime it will just act to digest the protein you just ate, whereas for antiinflammatory purposes you want it to digest the crud that forms around joints and muscles that partially cause inflammation.  (Very scientific term, crud, eh?  There is a word for it, but I forget what it is).  A cheaper supplement you can find in any health food store is Woebenzyme, but I don't think it works quite as well, at least for me.  Sells a whole lot better, though.  There are less comprehensive collections of proteases if you look under proteolytic enzymes.  I don't know how well they work.
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I read your response with interest.  I still do strength training, and I am NOT interested in being able to lift more weight on subsequent trips to the gym (wouldn't want to show up respirate - JK!!!).  

In your opinion, I would guess, this "stuff" (scientific, similar to "crud") is better than gllucosamine chondroitin for the arthritis in my knee?  Just wondering, because I quit taking THAT a long time ago because it wasn't helping accomplish anything except to drain my pocketbook...  :(  I took it for at least 6 months and I bought a brand recommended at a health foods store, NOT from Wal-Mart.  This was probably 2 years ago...  It wasn't cheap, but I am trying to keep down the pain in my knee because I'm too "young" for a knee replacement, but the pain isn't fun.  I work out most days per week *usually* - not lately...
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My own opinion is that glucosamine works best when combined with anti-inflammatories such as proteolytic enzymes.  With me it's my knee and worn away discs.  I also take a ginger circumin (tumeric) combo from Nature's Life and freeze dried nettles and a bromelain quercitin vitamin C combo both because I have allergies and as anti-inflammatories (anti-histamines are anti-inflammatories).  That being said, I don't personally take glucosamine anymore because I don't have any arthritis and it won't rebuild discs, just joint tissue.  And I have to also say that, although I've seen an awful lot of people get relief from using glucosamine chondrointin sulfate combos along with anti-inflammatories, including my father-in-law, recent studies say it doesn't work.  I'm not going to say I believe or don't believe them, just pointing out they're there.  I just know that my discs are never coming back, but I'm still able to work out every day.  I'm sore and I can't lift heavy weight anymore, but I don't have to take any meds for it or get surgery, and that's what I was after.  Hey, you've got nothing to lose by trying it but money.  Good to hear from you.  Hope you had a good holiday season.
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Oh, I also take MSM.  As I've often said, natural remedies are used in combination, they seldom work singly.
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Thanks for the info...I am trying to NOT have surgery, too.  I don't have trouble with regular workouts, but when I do anything out of the ordinary...OUCH!  We had a blizzard a few weeks back and that shoveling just about KILLED my back.  I'm still feeling it, and I haven't done anything terribly strenuous since.  

My holiday season was fine...I hope yours was...  Good to see you're still holding down the fort here.
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Yeah, shoveling got me, too.  Ah, well, aging.
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