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gall bladder and acupuncture

Does anyone here have experience with acupuncture relieving pain from chronic gall bladder dysfunction? I recently began acupuncture treatments, thinking I would be going for help with several autoimmune endocrine diseases. During my first visit, my acupuncturist said that although my main problem is definitely kidney and endocrine-related, the stomach and gall bladder also need to be treated (as do my allergies).

Since beginning treatment, I've noticed a definite improvement in my mood and energy levels, but I still have considerable pain that radiates from below my ribs on the right side up beside my right shoulderblade, right side of my neck, and right jaw. I don't know if this is from my gall bladder or my thyroid. Both are hypo-functioning. Maybe it's something completely unrelated...

Anyway, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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What is your exact diagnosis of your gallbladder?
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Yes, my former boss, the owner of one of the health food stores I managed.  She had gall bladder problems, and problems in the family.  She went on the macrobiotic diet and used acupuncture regularly and never had another problem.  Just one case, but it is one.  On the other hand, has a doctor diagnosed your gall bladder problem or just the acupuncturist?  An acupuncturist's diagnosis is related to energy or qi, not necessarily disease.  Only a doctor can diagnose disease.  How you choose to treat it is your choice.
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Thanks for the info! My GI doc diagnosed it as chronic cholecystitis about a year ago. I had really serious GI problems as part of an autoimmune endocrine syndrome (Addison's, hypothyroidism, pancreatitis, lots of other stuff) that was undiagnosed for a long time.

Also found out that I'm allergic to 40 foods, so I've been on a strict elimination diet for a few months and it's been going really well - all organic, nothing processed, only eating "safe" foods. But this darn gall bladder just won't quit, and the referred pain is the worst.

My GI guy wants to do another round of imaging studies and probably remove it. I'm so physically uncomfortable that I'm considering it, but I have a lot of faith in my acupuncturist, too. Also would prefer not to have surgery of any kind with Addison's Disease, especially since I'm just starting to live my life again. Just trying to weigh the options.

Thanks again!
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I just had my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago due to chronic inflammation. It got very very painful throughout the referred points as well. I tried to fight having it removed until I had 3 different naturpath drs confirm that chronically inflammed gallbladders are very serious and can develop gangriene and or turn cancerous, in which both can be deadly. I then decided to get it removed. Glad I did as the pathology report stated and confirmed the chronic inflammation. I didn't have any stones involved. Sludge at one point, but I flushed that.
I had a dr that explained to me the seriousness of autoimmune.....chronic inflammation attacking different parts of the body. I have hashimotos autoimmune thyroid disease, so I too have inflammation throughout my body that I am dealing with.
During my surgery they gave me solucortef to protect my adrenals.....you just have to make sure you give ALL your medical history and they will have you repeat it over and over to all the differnet drs involved with your surgery. My antestesiologist was awesome about the adrenals! (sorry about the spelling) :)
I have been doing accupuncture for about 6 months....my accupuncturist explained that when a gallbladder is already inflammed with thickened walls, there is no healing it. It is not as simple as stones. She was the first naturopath person to tell me I would need to have it out....I was shocked! But she was right.
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Wow - sounds so familiar. Thanks for sharing that with me. This referred pain is so WEIRD! It only hurts "at" my gall bladder when I take a deep breath (like during yoga), but it hurts everywhere else ALL THE TIME. Can't get away from it.

I don't think I have stones, either, just chronic inflammation. You know what I mean. All of my problems are presumed to be autoimmune, because I have an enlarged thymus, but strangely, none of my antibodies ever come back positive (not even for the thyroid or adrenals). I'm still perplexed by that.

I spoke with my GI today about the surgery, if it comes to pass, and stress doses of steroids. I finally have an endo that I trust (so far, at least), so I'll ask him to speak with the surgeon/anesthesiologist, too. And of course, I'll take your advice and be a broken record about what I need. Had my family and I not been that insistent over the past couple of years, I don't know what would have happened to me.

So, I have to ask - do you have Addison's? How is your recovery going? Hope things are smooth and you're healing quickly. Thanks so much for your reply. It's really helpful.
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