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is it safe

is it safe to take acai berry with methotrexate and lamotrigine
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Acai fruit and juice are generally considered to be safe as foods but safety studies have not been conducted with them or with acai supplements. Interactions of acai with other foods, drugs, or supplements have also not been well studied.
Some acai products are marketed with false claims regarding their health benefits and/or false celebrity endorsements.  Some are sold using unethical billing practices.  Also be cautious with products that include laxative ingredients.
Business Practices and Scams
Some marketers of acai-containing products offer the  product for free or for a nominal shipping charge as an introductory offer and automatically enroll you in a continuity program to receive additional shipments at  full price. Many consumers have unwittingly enrolled in these programs and filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, State Attorneys General offices, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
In March of 2009 the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) issued a Fraud Alert warning consumers about credit card scams and exaggerated health claims relating to some acai products. In July of 2009 the Texas Attorney General announced a settlement with the maker of Acai Berry Maxx, which had claimed the product could limit premature aging and could flush up to 30 pounds of waste and toxins from the body. Under the settlement, the company agreed to stop shipping unauthorized orders to customers, refrain from making false health claims, and clearly disclose its terms of service to future purchasers.
In August of 2009 Oprah Winfrey and the physician Dr. Mehmet Oz filed suits against several companies selling acai supplements, as well as other supplements, alleging false endorsement and other violations.  Among those named in the suit are the those selling Acai Berry Detox and MonaVie -- two of the products in this report.
In January of 2012 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a settlement with six online marketers accused of posting deceptive information on fake news sites to attract consumers to websites selling acai berry supplements and other weight loss products.
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The berry itself is just another berry, high in antioxidants.  But most supplements containing acai have several ingredients.  As for the fraud claims, all natural products claiming weight loss benefits have been targeted by the federal gov't.  Whether this is justified or not I have no idea, but in the case of acai it's hard to see how a berry can do what the supplements claims say it can.  As a food, it's very nutritious, as are all berries.  However, lots of things can be contraindicated if you're taking drugs, so whenever you're on medication you should research what those contraindications are.
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