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lung/sinus infections

What is the recommended dosage of oregano oil for combating lung/nasal infections?
I asked at the local herbal store, but the fellow there said to "just take enough until it stops"....ugh.
I repeated my question to him and he was dumbfounded...he obviously has no business working in such a store.

I know that oregano oil, garlic, and teas are good to take, but is there anything else?
I can't stomach the garlic, so I don't use it...doesn't react well to the IBS/GERD. lol

I have been suffering with sinus infections for most of my life...so I go through a lot of sinus rinses. lol
I know I'm allergic to snow mould...but haven't found anything yet to relieve the symptoms.
Anyone know a good natural antihistamine?

This lung infection has been clinging to me since the start of December...the oregano oil seems to get rid of it for only a few days at a time...actually, I guess I should say that as soon as the infection goes away, I stop taking it...then it comes back.
After the infection is gone, how long should I keep taking it for, and how much?

While taking it, my body "reacts" strangely as well. I know this is normal, as all that "junk" is leaving my body, but I'm wondering if there are any reactions I should "watch out for"...ones that shouldn't occur...perhaps due to taking too much for too long, or whatever have you.
Any info is much appreciated.
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With an acute infection, I would start with 5 or 6 drops 3x a day the first couple of days, and see if you start to feel any better.
What do you mean your body reacts strange?
Also it is important that you are taking the P73 grade of oregano oil...many of them out there aren't good quality, and sell them cheaper.
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Check the quality of the oregano you are using. Good quality oregano essentail oil shouldn't be ingested, it can be toxic to your liver. I should be used topically or aromatically.
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I feel sick, tired, get body aches, nausea, etc...feels like I have the flu every time I use it.
The guy at the health food store said that was normal because it means that all the poison is coming out, but that I should cut down on the dosage.

I had been placing 3-4 drops under my tongue ( as he suggested ) around 3-5 times a day. I would let it sit there for about a minute and then wash it down with V8 juice.
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Seriously? The guy at the health food store told me to put it under my tongue.
I had no idea that this stuff could make you sick.

He also told me to add eucalyptus oil to my sinus rinse...I didn't know how much to use, so I looked it up on line...says it's never to be ingested or touched...just to add to vaporizers or humidifiers...is this guy trying to kill me?

Starting to become just as paranoid about herbal remedies as I am about pharma junk.
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