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muscle testing /naturopathy

Hi All!!  A lot of people here have suggested naturopathic physician. I have found several in the area but they all treat very differently.
One uses a written test/forms to assess symptoms, one decides treatment by the consultation, and one uses mostly muscle testing.
  The muscle testing process was explained to me. .... has anyone ever used this and was it sucessful??? It seems like a very "different " way.
I am also unsure of the treatment plans by naturopaths ... are they generally safe and very $$$???
All input is appreciated as I explore another and all options!! Thanks all and Happy Easter!!
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I see a Naturopath, in fact, she has been my primary care doctor for quite a while.

Now, she works close to how an MD works, but, her office visits are a lot longer and she takes a long time getting your health history and such, I really like that. She is able to prescribe all tests that an MD prescribes, her physicals are just like theirs as well. She assess the situation of your health by the consultation and physical exams. As I said, she is very thorough and I would highly recommend a Naturopath to anyone who is tired of the drug scene and wants a physician that will really take the time to listen.

Oh yes, lots also do acupuncture, and this is another form of treatment that I feel can be very beneficial for lots of ailments.

I believe the muscle testing is called "Kinesiology" and yes, it is very accurate, amazingly so as a matter of fact. My chiropractor does it and he can tell, without my telling him, problems I am having.

To sum it up, YES, Naturopaths are VERY safe, they are not any more expensive than a regular MD visit, the only reason it may seem higher is because they spend a longer length of time with you and so that adds up to a little more money, but, it is worth it. The ones in this state even take most insurances.

Do research on the ones in your area, make sure their treatment procedures are sort of similar to that of an MD, if you do not understand what they are telling you or the procedure, ask, they are in the field to educate the patient and should not mind helping them all they can.

Oh yes, they can, but usually don't, prescribe most drugs except narcotics, at least they can in my state, However, they will usually prescribe various natural supplements to include, herbal, vitamin/mineral, homeopathy, nutrition and exercise. They can also prescribe "bio-identical" hormones if needed, these are so much safer than conventional hormone replacement.

I say go for it, that is if you feel it is right for you, you might be pleasantly surprised. :)
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Muscle testing has failed all double blind testing.  They put the person behind a curtain and in every test they were unable to correctly predict anything by muscle testing.  I also had a network chiropractor I was friends with show me how anyone can manipulate muscle testing to have it come out any way they want, a great way to sell supplements.

Now, on the other hand, despite everything I've just said, I've been muscle tested a lot, and, well, I like it, it does seem to have something there.  I've done it myself, and again, there's something there.  I just don't know what.  So I'm agnostic on it.  Most naturopaths are kind of weird, after all, they're naturopaths.  But even with muscle testing, most treatment is based on the time-tested properties of herbs and nutrients, but if you're looking for scientific proof, you'll have to do it yourself.  There's no patentability, and therefore no money for it.  You know, acupuncture is considered by most scientists to be unprobable, yet most admit it seems to work.  There are mysteries out there, my friend, many many mysteries.
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Sorry, I said unprobable.  Meant unprovable.  Oops.
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I have seen a Naturopath for the past 4 yrs and they always catch a problem in the early stages before my MD does. Every time! It also depends upon if you go to one that has done it for years....experience is everything with muscle testing, as the practitioner can interfere with results with his/or her own body if inexperienced.
Every time I ignored what I was told by my naturopaths, it always caught up with me. Also, when all else failed in the western medicine world, it was the allopathic ways in which I found relief and some answers.
Yes it is pricey as insurance doesn't cover most....regular insurance anyways.
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Hi!! So good to hear from you! You are hopefully recuperating well... terriffic!!!
I just got back from my PCP, and he has suggested a naturopath too, saying he feels I am missing something, he does not know what. or how to help.
What questions should I ask or what do I look for to find a "good" naturpath??? I am ready to do anything except witchcaft and vodoo....... to feel better.
I have no ideas how naturopaths work or what their philopshy is.... or how to get a GOOD one.
Thanks anyone for any input!!
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Laura put it very well, in fact, I can second all she said. :)

Now, in my state, most Naturopaths have graduated from the Bastyr College which is the Cadillac of Naturopathic colleges, it is 4 years to start, then you can add other areas you want to specialize in as well. Most leave with a doctorate degrees and Masters as well. All the Naturopaths I have seen have graduated from there, sure, there are some that are not as good, but that happens in all medical professions.

I do not know about your state, but here in Washington, lots take most insurances, and to be honest, they treat and act very similar to Western Medicine, in other words, the ones I have seen work both Western and Eastern together.

As to what questions to ask, well, the Naturopath will actually start, and as you go along, you will automatically know what to act, usually, mine end up with a couple of pages of info on me, the first visit is extremely thorough, usually, not less than an hour. I like that.

As to muscle testing, well, I had not heard of it until lately, and I was surprised that the chiro know what was wrong with me just by trying to push on my arms and legs as he touched other areas of my body. I can see how they could make it turn out how they wanted, but, I am hopes that my chiro is not that way, I have known him and the family many years, one can only hope.

Anyway, check out the sites, I think they will help and feel free to PM me if you have further questions.

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Well, I'll be dog-gone. The sites I recommended have been removed as has my other post. No problem, guess I over-stepped my boundaries. I will PM you with what I wrote.  Geesh.

Now I think I know why deepdiver was banned. HMMMMM
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This is getting weird.  I've not been on this site very long, but why the censorship?  I miss Deep.

It's hard to tell if a naturopath is good or not.  They can tend to be oddballs, like the rest of us non-mainstreamers.  Watch out for weird tools, like the magic wand for dosing homeopathic remedies and such, they're not proven in any way.  But even that doesn't really matter, no matter what techniques they use to get there eventually it will come down to how the herbs and nutrients have historically been used.  And it will be trial and error, only unlike doctors they will admit it.  They'll also talk to you about lots of things, not just one particular symptom.  I had one who was truly weird, but I worked with him a lot, and he sent his patients to me and let me choose which supplements were the best when I was a health food store manager because he knew and trusted me.  But, I like weird people, it's the normal ones who worry me.
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HeHe, I like weird folks too.

I guess a person would have to be different to be a Naturopath or other type of doctor other than main stream, they have a long road to go. I know the two I see are in fact a little "odd" but, that is OK.

Man, I would not want anyone to use a wand or things like magic on me. Now, there, I would venture to say, a patient would get healed due to him really believing these methods work. As I said, the docs I see use more conventional natural methods like the herbs and nutrients.

Yeah, I could not believe when I saw the sites I recommended removed and the other post completely taken off, this is the first time that has happened. I don't particularly like that.
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Wierd is okay... I am looking for knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and willing to discuss options/cures completely.( I ask a lot of ??)
I just am not sure what to ask when calling to set up appt?? I need to chose carefully, not covered by insurance so $$$.
Thanks for any advice.
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I don't think we are suppose to put websites up on a link, so the best thing to do is to keep it private in a message, between each other.
I think they are getting strict about this.

sick and tired- yes thank you I am feeling better! I over did it a little today and am now laying with icepacks on my tummy! Hopefully my stitches will come out on wed. at my post op! So appreciate your thoughts and notes!! :)
You will have to search your area to find naturopath names. Go to your local healthfood stores and pick up local magazines with natural practioners, etc in the area. Most of all ask their employees who they know and recommend!
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It wasn't a magic wand, though it might as well have been.  When he muscle tested me for homeopathic remedies he would hold this want like thing that plugged in the wall and hold it up in the air.  Struck me as pretty odd, but then, so did he.  Still, he was good with herbs and such.  And really, in the end they're still looking in the books and recommending by that.  All those weird tools, but who knows what works?  
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I've had muscle testing performed on me and I believe there is something behind it that is legitimate. It's not foolproof in my mind and I'm sure there are some practitioners who don't do it well or are suggestive about it. I saw 20 MD's last year for my mystery illness and the chiropractor I saw who had his own form of muscle testing gave me the best relief.

I'm not going to say this is the only way to get treated. I think people have to be cautious with it because it's not a proven diagnostic tool in the medical community. I think for those that are open about alternative medicine that it's worth pursuing. Conventional medicine is going to debunk it to all ends of the earth, but some practitioners of muscle testing are very sincere in what they offer.

I found my results from muscle-testing eye-popping. Perhaps the power of suggestion is that overpowering. I would like to think I'm not that easily manipulated. And maybe it is a placebo effect, but if that's what it takes to make me feel better than great. For me, better this type of solution than doping myself up on meds.

As for chiropractors, not all of them muscle-test. I would be surprised if more than 20% of them did muscle-test. But if you want a good muscle-tester, then they will most likely be a chiropractor. Keep in mind, chiros study the whole body so muscle-testing for the body as a whole is not too far-fetched for them.
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I'm another member who has had muscle testing done (don't knock it until you've tried it) and also believe that there is something to it.

As a patient with a controversial diagnosis and no possible treatments from western medicine practitioners, of course I sought help from "alternative medicine" practitioners. And I was shocked at what they had to offer me.... these people kept me working and totally changed my outlook on health and healing. After I stopped getting treatments from "alternative medicine practitioners", I relapsed.

Common sense tells me that these "alternative medicine practitioners" are often doing what physicians have done long before western medicine was available.

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Thanks plateletGal,
Your words summed up my situation exactly.... been thru so many "western" doctors and lots of $$ and still no answers. My PCP actually suggested a naturopath.... just still trying to figure out who and where to start I
I would really love to have that attitude change... I am so doubtful of most drs... and most meds (  side effects). And this is from someone working in the medical field for 25 years...to many "bad " doctors, so few really good ones who truly care.
I also believe the future of medicine will "go back" to doing my things done years ago, more holostic, natural instead of a pill for everything and anything.
Thanks again!!
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I hear ya !  You know the other day I saw my PCP and he gave me a sample of this gel that is supposed to help with my joint pain in my fingers. I was happy that it was a gel.... figured that it was safe and there wouldn't be any side effects. Boy.. was I wrong ! Check out the nasty side effects for Voltaren Gel:


Look at all of the money that we spend on co-pays for not only doctor's appointments, but medications as well. I would rather spend that money on practitioners who can help me and offer safer treatments.

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You know it's funny, all doctors take an oath they got from Hippocrates, but he was largely an herbalist.  Do you think they know that?
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An excerpt from Dr. David A. Jernigan's book, "Beating Lyme Disease":

"Of historical interest, the first use of the name "Quack" when referring to a questionable doctor was used to albel these dentists using mercury, since mercury was then known as "Quacksilver"."

(page 259)

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albel = LABEL

My bad !
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Was intrigued by your post, because mercury is called quicksilver, not quacksilver.  Found a site from a holistic dentist detailing what you quoted above, but also how the real name quicksilver got corrupted to quacksilver, and from that to quack.  It happened when mercury was first substituted for gold and how many dentists opposed it in the 1800s because mercury is, of course, toxic.  But the mainstream, as usual, won out and the anti mercury docs were labeled quacks.

Thanks for the interesting post!
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I thought you might get a kick out of that !  ; ^ )
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Muscle testing is feedback testing of the soul, which commands the body. The mystic part of kinesiology comes from our very limited knowledge of the soul. Those who has a materialistic worldview, like the sceptics, can not understand this method.
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