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parasite cleanse good or bad?

I have seen worms in my stool...some are white like spaghetti and about 2 inches long, and some are about an inch with a clear tail and a black spot on the head.  I have never traveled outside of the US so I'm super ticked off that I have parasites because I've stayed away from travelling because of my fear of them.  I think eating unclean spinach/kale is what did this.  

Anyway....is it okay to do a parasite cleanse because I've heard that they can migrate out of the intestines and move to other areas, thus making it harder to kill them....plus it scares me cause i don't want them coming out of my nose or something horrible like that.  Can that happen?  I'm so afraid of bugs that I should NOT have to deal with this!

I've taken two rounds of Albendazole, but I don't think they're all gone.  My butt's still itchy everyday and I can feel a little movement all the time around the anus area.  The stool test came out negative even though there were worms embedded in the sample.  My doc said she could call in a week's worth of more medicine.  I will probably take her up on that, but it will cost me $1400 because my insurance doesn't cover it. Please advise!!!  Cleanse or no cleanse?  Diamataceous Earth?  (I hear they could migrate with D.E., too)...
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I think you're obsessing over this so much that anyone would have to be very careful to give you advice, especially given that your doctor already tested you and found you fine and you're taking a medication for it.  Any good herbal will list the herbs used for parasite cleansing, and there are many products on the market that combine similar things.  Most of them don't kill the parasites as much as drive them out of the body, but again, my fear is that nothing would satisfy you until this isn't such a psychological thing.  Peace.
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Parasites are common. Do a cleanse. Good health begins with a clean colon anyway. Nature's Sunshine products are reliable, safe and gentle. So are Jordan Goodman's products.
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Do not fool with these worms!

Clenses are a good idea, but follow the drug regiman. Do not interrupt the treatment, because if all the creatures are not killed they will proliferate and you will be back to square one.
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