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Could you deepdiver or anyone else answer me this question, I am taking Adrenal supplements, and found them very helpful, I also think I may have low Thyroid, and no I do not wish to take any major drugs,  I would like to help myself with natural supplements, there is a Thyroid capsule that I can take , I want to continue the Adrenal capsules, can I take both together.??Any advice on the Natural front would be welcome .
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Hello margypops,
That I couldn't tell you!! The supplement could interfere with the Med. Only a doctor of
alternative med. could tell you or a compound pharmacist. I don't think a regular pharmacist would know. Sorry I couldn't help.
P.S. If you need any files let me know.
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What adrenal supplements are you taking? I want to make sure the advice I give is safe? I'll do major research,I'll help you out I promise?God Bless,Jen
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read the book "adrenal fatigue syndrome - the 21st century health syndrome" , the doc sells adrenal supplements of his web site www.adrenalfatigue.com
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Gosh guys thank you for this infromation and I will go to the site ,,brian I got your PM and am also checking out the Pharmacist you gave me,Beachwalker I will take you up on that offer all help I can get is good, I have been meaning to pick up the book adrenal fatigue syndrome, will do that today. I started to take the Thyroid support supplements yestreday and I ahve already been on the Adrenal supplements for several weeks.
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You really should have a thyroid panel done to see where your levels are at and the autoimmune tests done for the thyroid as well. (TSH, Free T3 and Free T4)
Adrenal issues quite often go hand in hand with thyroid issues. In fact if someone has adrenal issues, they need to be treated before treating thyroid.
How did you come to the conclusion that you have adrenal fatigue? What type of supplement are you taking? Also what Thyroid support are you taking?
There are some excellent saliva testing out there for the adrenals that will show you throughout a 24 hr period what they are doing. This should be first step.
The beginning support to adrenals should be a Good quality B complex taken twice a day along with Vit C. There are many ways to support adrenals naturally.
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do one thing intake your salt intake , in the mornint 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of salt with lemon and sugar and one more around 2 o clock to prevent afternoon down of this fatigue syndrome . the books is really great one . Go to bed by 10 o clock and try to sleep upto 9 am to give chance to adrenal for healing
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there is a product called transfer factor plus from www.4tf.com and IMMUNE26 made from egg booster , both are immune booster , I was reading reviews of them on revolution health web site , google them up , many have been helped who suffered from asthma , CFS , and Fibro pains I highly recommend the product
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I am not going to get the Thyroid tests done again, last time about 3 years ago and said they wre normal, have lost faith in the Doctors advice, am going the Natural supplements way.. I came to the conclusion it was adrenal fatigue researching the symptoms and on the Thyroid forum here at medhelp, I thought mt symptoms wre like everyones and it had to be low Thyroid (My Mom Had it) someone said check out your adrenals first, so I went to my local health store and got the Adrenal spport supplements by Solaray, 3 days later most of the symptoms had gone including that horrible brain Fog where you just dont think straight, This was several weeks ago now and I continue to feel great, no anxiety and am coping where as before I couldnt cope with anything and wanted to cry and kept thinking and worrying,my memory has improved a lot .  So there we are Yes I know what one is 'supposed' to do but hey this is working at least for me it is, I am as amazed as anyone .
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The only thing I am still dealing with is waking every couple of hours, no quality sleep and still some hair loss,my allergies still hound me but even The Urticaria is improved.
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Hi margypops,

I can relate to your post. As someone who has CFS (finally diagnosed after functioning, but unable to have a full life after many years), I have had adrenal problems. (at least once). A Naturopathic physician I saw had recommended licorice root and it helped me with some of my symptoms. But just like any drug (because it works like a drug), you have to be careful and make sure that you aren't taking too much. Also, this is not something that you want to take if you have high blood pressure.  Also... with the thyroid, almost all of us with fibro & CFS have a low thyroid, but the standard tests won't pick it up ! So I can relate to you there. My recommendation is seeing a Naturopathic physician... perhaps ask him/her about iodine supplementation (that worked for me!) ?

But what I'm most concerned about is that adrenal fatigue is a secondary condition (excluding Addison's disease). So if you have adrenal fatigue... consider finding out what your primary diagnosis is.

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Thank you for your helpful post actually I am glad I put my question to you all, as usual I got some great and helpful feedback, I have heard Liqorice is good , and I have been taking some iodine drops at times but not regularly,I have and have always had a very low blood pressure it is one of the things listed for Adrenal Fatigue and also Low Thyroid, I doubt I will go to a regular Doctor for tests but I may find out a Naturopathic one in my area. Thanks for the input,
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You need a blood test for thyroid levels (TSH level) BEFORE taking any supplements.

You don't need an "opinion" of a specialist. You need a TSH test.

These supplements can affect the heart. The test is simple and inexpensive.
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I had the test done before but dont you still have to go through the Doctor to get one I havent seen anyone doing Thyroid tests. I dont mind getting the test done ,it was negative a few years ago, however possibly you are correct but if it comes back positive I am still inh the same place as I do not want to take any drugs with side effects.. it may be a risk I have to take .
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A good way to determine thyroid funtion(old method, still good) is the basal temperature. Have the thermomature(Old shake down kind) by your bed, shaken down. As soon as you wake in the morning, before moving or getting out of bed, place therm. underarm for 10 minutes, lay still during this time.

your temp should be 97.3 or above(underarm you add a point).

This works. You don't have to be a dr to know.  I don't care to go to drs either. The only reason I do is to get my Rx filled. They don't listen to you.(slowly getting off of soapbox) Just want to look at the blood results, which is not always accurate because it is not always at the cellular level.
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Thanks Peggy (short for Margaret)  I had vaguely heard that regarding taking your temperature but never tried it so I will do that , I will have to get one of the thermometers  I guess they still sell them, It is a problem but so far unless I get to feeling bad again I will continue on my quest to find my own way through, I may be able to get the TSH done without the DR as caregiver in the other post suggested then I also know what I am dealing with. Having said all that I am taking the Adrenal Capsules and still feel better than I did. so something is working.
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There are alternatives for milder forms of
low thyroid function. The best is a combination
of tyrosine and iodine. The company Pure
Encapsulations makes a product with the two
combined. (Go to www.naturalnutritionals.com.)
It works very well because thyroid hormone is
derived from tyrosine and iodine. For more serious
deficiencies of thyroid hormone, the tyrosine-iodine
combination together with lower doses of the thyroid
replacement hormones works very well. One of the
most commonly prescribed thyroid replacement
hormones — Synthroid — has the highest failure rate
and complication rate.
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