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Asymptomatic Dental Abscess?

In July I had to have a D&C. After that, I developed a chronic low grade fever. My doctors have not been able to figure out what it was so far. My WBC count is not elevated, all cbc and cmp came back normal. Rocky Mount Spotted Fever and Lyme both came back normal. Blood cultures came up negative for everything. I gave a stool sample which was negative for leukocytes, C-DIFF, Salmonella, and bacteria.Pap Smear showed no infectious bacteria, no chlamidia, no gonnorhea, no trichamonis, and no yeast. Normal pap smear. No Pelvic Inflammatory disease and all palpable organs were normal. TB test which came back negative. My fever ranges from 99.1-99.9. Then, I had a single sharp pain go through my rear bottom molar on the right side. It's not a wisdom tooth. I never had any.  This tooth was awful. It became a cavity 7 or 8 years ago and has broken off and worsened over the years. I never had any pain in it though unless I bit down on something with it or unless I got something very cold or very hot in it. I scheduled an appt. with a dentist to have it removed. It was not swollen, red, or painful other than that one very sharp pain. X-ray revealed that it was abscessed twice. He said two of the roots had abcesses at the bottom of the root at the jawbone.  He drilled the tooth in half and it came out in three pieces. Anyway, the next day my face on that side had swollen. The swelling is better now, three days later, but it's like I have a golf ball stuck inside my cheek. Lymph nodes around area are slightly swollen and ear pain. I am on Clindamycin 1200 mg per day. Is it possible to have had this cavity this many years before it causing this problem? Can you have a chronic low grade fever from a dental infection without the systemic increase of white blood cells? (Main question). Why would it have flared up now to cause a fever? Could it have been from the surgical D&C that I had? Maybe that weakened my immune system so the tooth got worse?
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