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Can tooth abscess cause sinus pain and migraines ?

Hi Doctor,

I have been to several doctors including an ENT for my ear problems. I have had sinus pain/ pressure/ and
migraines. The ENT subscribed something but it didnt work. The other doctor said theres nothing wrong with me.
Instead of saying, " I dont know whats wrong with you, I would have preferred that or recommend  me to another doctor or specialist. In my mind, I was thinking I am fine but its all in my head, as my doctor pretty much put it.

So, I did some online researching and found out that I have tooth "abscess". I did notice this but didnt think it was serious. I visited a great dentist and he said that I have two teeth infections/ and abscess. One of the tooth infections was over a tooth that had a root canal ( about 15 yrs ago)

So, my dentist recommended extractions on both infected back teeth. He also recommended implants as well. I
was ok with this and didnt want to go through the root canal procedure again. Plus, extraction was recommended in my particular case.

I just got one tooth extracted today. The procedure was painless and very smooth. He prescribed antibiotics after
the extraction. ( maybe under my circumstance) So, now I am getting my second tooth extracted this week
while I am under antibiotics. So the procedure went well, and feel good.

However, I am concerned if the abscess/ and tooth infection went to my brain or spread throughout my
system. I have had painful migraines,  sinus pain, ear pressure. Sometimes I just feel brain fogged and not as fast, smart as I used to be. I am worried that the infection spread throughout my system or brain.

Should I visit another doctor, and if so what type of specialist should I visit for the other questions. Or, should I
be OK and not worry ?

Thanks a lot doctor

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If your pain symptoms persist after elimination of dental infections, you may need to see an orofacial pain specialist.
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Have all of the necessary dental work complete & if you still have migrains and/or facial pain I would get a referral to a Neurologist.However I believe after all of your dental procedures are done most of your facial pain should be gone.
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