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Exposed Jaw Bone - Not dry socket

13 days ago Molar 15 was extracted. It was a rather traumatic extraction due to extra long root tips. The following day I felt something scratching my face and could see something white behind the extraction site. I touched it and could tell that it was bone. I went back to the dentist one week after extraction and they said that the gum had split during extraction and then did not heal back over the exposed jaw bone and he wanted to clip off the bone. I was scared and he is not receptive to questions. I did not let him clip it off. He said that the bone could get infected and it would not heal without being clipped off. I am in alot of pain. Is this a normal procedure? Can it be performed by a dentist and not a oral surgeon? Can there be any complications? My wisdom tooth is supposed to come in the place of molar 15 soon, will it be ok if I get part of the jaw bone clipped off? How bad is this going to hurt? Please answer my questions and let me know what I should do.
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