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Gum swollen around temp. crown

a month ago I recieved an RCT on tooth number four. After the application of the temporary crown my gums are sore and appear to be bruised. Also on number 2 I recieved a RCT back in December. Therewas a permanent crown on the tooth however it fell out when i went to get a temp put on everything seemed fine. However , since the visit (four weeks ago) my gums are swollen and its hard to floss around that area, I can't get the floss under the gum (thats how swollen it is) What should I do? Also , i have a hole in my second molar that wasn't there four weeks ago on my last dentist visit. I have no pain in it but i'm confused as to how i could have another bad decay when I have been brushing twice a day. Flossing after every meal and using Act. Have you seen this before. ** I don't eat excessive amounts of candy due to hypoglycemia also i drink 1 cup of tea or juice a day. What is going on?
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