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HELP Should I press for surgery and what type? What should I do?

TMJD/Osteoarthritis In Face - Extream Pain
RT SIDE - Partial anterior disc displacement with reduction. The displacement is confined to the medial portion of the joint and there is a medial component of the displacement.
LFT SIDE - Anterior disc displacement without reduction, disc deformation, and perforation. There is DJD.Normal translation of the disc and condyle inferior to the articular eminence of the petrous bone seen with reduction- previously seen anterior displacement.
Severe degen.of the lft mand. condyle w/ flattening of the condyle, anterior osteophyte. Displcd somewhat deformed disc is seen w/out reduction- with anterior translation. Translation of the disc and the condyle to a position inferior to the articular eminence of the petrous bone was seen on the left side.  
RT SIDE - Closed - the right TM joint meniscus is subluxed slightly in anterior direction.  In clsed pos. disc relocates to a normal position w/ the intermediate band btwn mandibular condyle and articular eminence of the temporal bone.
LFT SIDE - mandibular condyle-abnormal morpholoy w/ mild flattening, an anterior osteophyte. Reduced anterior translation/open. Meniscal displacement both closed/open. 2ndary changes of disc remodeling w/ disc flexion, intermediate zone shortening. Consistenent with complete Deg. joint disease with associated deg. changes of the mand. condyle. Synovitius
C1-2 Min. ligamentous impingement upon anterior subarachnoid space. .
C3-4 Disc-osteophyte Complex barely touching the cord. Chronic DDD w/ posterior DISC ANNULUS BULGE. 2ndary posterior longitudinal ligamentous hypertrophy. C4-5-6 Post Fusion
C 6-7 Moderate anterior/posterior as well as postero-lateral SPONDYLOSIS bi.Impinge moderately on thecal sac/ C7 nerve root. Spinal canal stenosis from Disc Osteo Comp.
C7 Midline disc annulus bulge. Large Posterior Medial. Right paramedian/intraforaminal Osteo.Spondylosis encroach.canal. Facet & DDD multiple levels. Neuropathy/Fibro/Hypothyroid
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