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I just had 6 teeth ripped out of my mouth , and theres a problem now.

I had 6 teeth taken about a month ago now. I havent been able to eat hardly any food this past month, they had put me on an antibiodic before hand, because of my absesss four wisdom two mullers all infected. but i have heart problems and the infection wasnt cleared before surgery, so after i was given pain medicine and clyndimician, cause of my pennicillin allergy, but two weeks ago i ended up back there im sick im dizzy i can taste the infection , i feel it in my head left side now but my heart has been hurting lately alot also, I also have developed hard lumpy ball like bumps in my jaw on left side and a lump in neck that hurts all left side from ear,to mouth, to neck . are thease connected they only started after the surgery, but he did remmove cists as well. sorry this is a long question but im awaiting your advice before I go the the Emergency room..........Sincerly hurting in ohio.....
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