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I am so happy to see this forum.  I have had an abcess (fistula) since Xmas on a 2 year old root canalled tooth...(7)  I had #7 RC and crowned with a post and core due to horrid decay. (2007) Apparently it was never cleaned out adequately. Apico is out due to the post and core.  They want to extract this tooth next week and do an imedicate implant.  I am very concerend that implanting this area at the same time of extraction with an abcess will cause worse problems.  I am a heart patient and concerend.  Should I be?  The DDS (Oral surgeon) said once the tooth is gone..the infection is gone also.,  Is this true?  I am on Augmentin 875 and this has not touched the pain or infection. Thank You so much for helping me with this.  I am so scard that i am doing the wrong thing by having this implant at the same time as extration of tooth #7.  Lots of $$$$ for another  failure.
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Hi Audrey,
I apologize that we got to you late on this first of all. Having an implant placed in an area that has an abscess is not the best choice. Funny enough, just on Monday, my father needed his tooth number 7 removed due to an abscess and need for an implant and I only removed the tooth, we will wait a few weeks and then place the graft at that time (in his case he has lost much bone on the front part of the jaw bone) and then place the implants. I would recommed a CT scan always. Also, make sure prior to placement of the implant the person who is going to be doing the crown, has a wax up model (and a stent in barrium sulfate) ready for you to take to have the CT scan. It is a great idea to have a surgical stent to position the implant in the exact perfect position as the crown would need to go. Many of times the surgeons will place the implants in positions that they like without the input from the doctor who places the crowns which leads to esthetic problems afterwards and #7 is an important esthetic tooth. (http://dentalinformationblog.com/implant-dentistry/are-you-thinking-of-having-dental-implants-stop-and-read-this-first/01/12/2009)  See this link and this will give you more information. I hope this helps
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Thank you so much.  I postponed the extraction until I heard some answers. I did get some advice from a Perio lady last night and she also recommendd waiting until the infection is cleared 2-3 weeks.  She talks about chemicals which is greek to me.  I printed her e-mail out to me and am taking it with me to the oral surgeon tomorrow.  The prostodontist has this info.  Now, I am going to print this out and take it to the oral surgeon who thinks he is going to do boith tomorrow and this is not the case.  CT scan?  It would have to be the oral surgeon that orders this as I know the Proto who makes the crown will not.  I feel the crown on #7 2 years ago, with the post and core had something to do with the severe infection.  Tonight is the first time in almost one month that the tooth has quieted down.  I was on levaquin and then Augmentin and no help.  Amoxicillan 500 seems to be doing soemthing. I am glad to learn how improtant ^7 is.  Thank You for the link.  I am going there now.  I need to talk with your father.  This is my 5th implant.  Hubby says no more. Thank you so much.
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