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My teeth are bleeding a lot what does this mean?

Well about 3 days ago, I had my mouth open and i inhaled, and my bottom front teeth, felt wierd. Well then I got worried. Later on that night I decided to brush real hard my front bottom teeth,  then i realized that they started to bleed a lot like never before. When I rinsed, blood came out and when i looked in the mirror they my gum where it was bledding turned really red.  Before I went to sleep I drank a cup of water, and my gums where it had bleed, really stinged. the morning after, I looked in the mirror and realized that my gums were still red. i brushed my teeth that mornig and that afternoon and by just passing my toothbrush they bleed alot.I figured that the more they bleed the better it will bee because the bad blood will leave. Then that night i brushed my teeth until the gums bleed  more. Then today,I saw my teeth and the gum that borders the teeth was white and under it the gum was still red. Is this bad. What is this? what should I DO ?  
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