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New crown and bridge appear bucked, unhappy with look

I just had a permanent bridge and crown placed 2 days ago, involving my 3 front teeth on the right side.  I had been missing the tooth between my right front tooth and my eyetooth for 7 yrs. and was totally excited about finally getting this dental work performed.  Now I am very unhappy with the appearance because the 3 teeth look like they are bucked, especially at the bottom.  I have never had buck teeth and even when I close my mouth or eat I can feel the teeth resting on my bottom lip due to the protrusion.  My insurance would not cover this procedure as it was pre-existing and I paid $2,000 for this bridge and I am just not happy with the appearance.  When my dentist saw the look on my face upon seeing the bridge in place he stated that on my next visit he would "build up" my front tooth on the left in order to make the appearance of the bridge more in line with the rest of my teeth even though my other natural teeth are in okay shape.  I decided to come home and give myself some time to adjust to my new bridge thinking I was overreacting and that it was just the "new-ness" of it all if you will.  Well my family immediately noticed the difference between the bridge and crown and my natural teeth and I do NOT want my other tooth "built up" to match.   Also the bridge and crown are more white than my other teeth and my dentist told me he did this on purpose because I may want to pursue teeth whitening in the future.  I can live with that even though it does irritate me somewhat that he did this without asking my permission first.  My biggest issue I would like you to address is the fact that the bridge and crown are protruding and I am not happy with it and I am not going to be able to talk myself into being happy with it.  I paid a lot of money for this to be done and I want to know will OR should my dentist resolve this issue for me without charge?  Is this how a crown and bridge is supposed to look on front teeth?  Surely not?
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