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Novocaine and Epinephrine

How long does novocaine w/epinephrine stay in one's blood stream? I had some dental work yesterday and was told that the anesthetic contained adrenaline and would make me a little jittery. It's been almost 24 hours since I had my procedure, should I still feel jittery/nervous/anxious? Awhile back, I had a seizure a few days after a very similar dental procedure, and I am a little concerned that this may happen again. I am not even sure if the seizure could be related to the epinephrine. I take Lamictal for my seizures (epilepsy) and they are usually controlled quite well. Also I take Klonopin for anxiety - but it isn't really helping today. I am wondering if next procedure I have under that anesthetic should I take a dose of anxiety medication before my procedure so that I could ward off the extreme anxiety during and after the procedure?
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