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Parasites in Upper Jaw Area

Dear Doctor, I have had surgery on my upper jaw for osteo resorbsion ten yaers ago. Since then I have experienced progressive and debilatating symptoms, lesions, often hard to swallow, high fevers, tissue changes,etc.No dental help has been offered.The last  epiosodes show it may be worms logged in my upper jaw, sinus and pallet areas, as was mentioned by the Internist. There also is no help offered and I am now unable to cope with the pain and symptoms. To be brief, coiled and sharp endless strands of material sit above my upper wisdom teeth, they also appear in swirls from the back of the pallet. They are well structured and organized..they have cirlular hooks( very shap) which are used to join the peices as they cross over behind my front teeth and then hook to the pallet. The structure burst last week reviling rows upon rows of worm like forms with  pinched closures which also dig into the pallet.They lay under layers of hardened flat tissue.They contain hard wire like material which, if broken into, burns and numbs both mouth and cheeks. A poultice of peas will absorb some material and cool the tissues. Please help, Sincerely athome34
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