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Please help, my teeth are going to kill me

First i'd like to say i havent been to the dentist in about 3 years. I know its been awhile but in my defence i have had alot going on. I  had my wisdom teeth come in around the age of 19 (I am now almost 24.) I recently had them push out of my gums. Since then i have had the most severe pain coming from the left side. It literally takes over my whole jaw, my ear, my mouth. Everything on that side is in pain. I figured yes, i should of gotten them removed and what it is doing is pushing my teeth around and most likely i have some bacteria building up that i try to regularly remove. Either way, it started with an hour or so of discomfort. Now it is to the point where i am in pain all day. (Without taking Advil and using Orajel) So today when i was flossing, i looked in the mirror to what looked like a little peice of my tooth had falled off.. almost like someone shaved out a little peice on the front. Then i looked to my back teeth and noticed an almost dark green or grayish lining on the gums on my teeth. Its on almost every tooth in the back on all sides top and bottom. The only one's not looking "too" effected are my front teeth on the top and bottom. I am terrified. I have to make an appointment on Monday to see a dentist, but i am very upset now. I have never noticed any plaque or discolored plaque before.. I can remove it obviously.. I need to know is this build up? Recently i have eaten Icing (yes like icing on top of a cake, yes i bought it from a bakery and ate it right out of a little serving up!) and drank Soda ALOT.. I did this everyday for about 2 or 3 months now. Could that of caused it? Is my hurting widom teeth killing my other teeth? Am i going to be okay? Now another reason to be up all night again. I feel so ashamed...
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