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Rancid Smell after Wisdom tooth extraction

Hi There, I had my wisdom teeth out a week ago yesturday - and i understand most of the home care instructions however some is vague, and i think i might be doing somthing wrong...

I have no pain, but a massive nasty smell i cant tell if the smell is from one or all of the sockets (I had all three teeth removed...) im brushing 3x's a day, swilling with salt water 5x's a day, and just started with the syringe yesturday. I didnt know until yesturday that i had to insert the syringe into the whole - ive been trying to be brave, so far i have it close enuff to touch what i think is the hole.. i have not had anything other then soft pasta and warm water for a week. My biggest thing is im trying to avoid dry socket - I want to scrub the holes - but i dont know whats to ruff at this point. Any advise would be appreciated as i dont know what else would be causing this smell and its very embarrasing. I had better smelling breath when i used to smoke.

Also - when can i resume normal eating and drinking habbits, suck as chewy foods and coffee?

Thanks so much
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