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Small sore on face with swelling in the gland.

I woke up one morning around a month and a half ago with a huge lump in my neck on the left side. It was extremely painful so I decided to visit the urgent care. The doctor there said he thought it was an infection from my two bad teeth or could be MRSA because I also had a small spot on my face but I just thought it was a pimple (which I had picked at the night before). He put me on a 5 day round of Augmentin. I scheduled an appointment with the oral surgeon but it took 3 weeks to get in to see him. I didn't have many problems after the antibiotic but the spot on my face remained. The night before my consultation with the surgeon I decided to pop this so called pimple on my jaw bone but the next morning I had a repeat occurence of the swollen painful glands. I went to the surgeon and he said it was from the infection as well. I had the surgery to remove my teeth 2 weeks ago and it was successful. Problem is that the spot on my face remains and last night I accidentally scratched it and this morning I woke up with the gland directly below the corner of my jaw bone inflamed again. It's been two weeks since my teeth were removed. If it were from my teeth wouldn't it have gone away? I told the surgeon about the pain in the glands and he said it was TMJ but I can't find any information supporting that claim since the swelling only occurs after I mess with the spot on my face. What is it? Should I see another doctor or should I tell the surgeon about it again? Or do I just let it go and hope it goes away? My mother also had shingles a month ago but I can't find a case of shingles that was just one single spot the size of the tip of a pin.
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Seeing a physician or dermatologist is advised.
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I now have pressure in my stomach just below my ribs on the right side. I'm going back to the surgeon Wednesday. Why has no one heard of this? Everyone appears to be baffled by it.
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