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Tooth Still Sensitive After Root Canal and Perm Crown
Nearly two years ago, I was eating and I ended up slamming my teeth on the back left side together very hard.  I began experiencing sensitivity in the area of teeth 14, 15, 18 and 19.   The area was sensitive to pressure, hot and cold.  So, I went to my dentist and he replaced the fillings on 3 of those teeth (I don't remember which ones).  A few months later, the symptoms had not gone away so I went back and he told me to use a particular kind of mouth wash and sensodyne toothpaste.  I did this, but didn't get any relief, so a few months later I tried another dentist.  The new dentist thought that he should replace the fillings again so I made an appointment to come back and have that done.  When I came back, he took some x-rays and discovered that there was a dark area around the root of tooth #14 and it should have a root canal.  So, I went to an endo to have that done.  After the first root canal procedure, I experienced hot and cold sensitivity on the tooth #14 and a tooth next to it.  I told the endo about it and he delayed the second half of the procedure until the sensitivity went away. Several weeks later it was gone.  So I went back to the endo, he finished the procedure and sent me to my regular dentist for a crown.  The temporary crown was put on and the sensitivity came back and hasn’t gone away since.  The permanent crown has been on for over a month and my tooth is still sensitive.  It's sensitive mostly to pressure and tapping on it, but is becoming more and more sensitive to hot and cold.  I went back to the dentist about this pain 2 weeks ago and he filed the tooth down so that it didn't touch when I tapped my teeth together.  But, the tooth still hurts if I chew on that side of my mouth or tap on it with my finger.  The pain isn't excruciating, but it's bothersome enough to make me avoid chewing on the left side of my mouth.  After all this, it feels almost exactly the same as it did in the very beginning when the pain began.  What is going on?
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