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Traditional Bridge versus Dental Implants

I am 36 years old and in very good health.  I was born without secondary '25' and '24' adult teeth and still have my original baby teeth.  These were capped in 1985.  However, the roots of those teeth have deteriorated over the years and now cannot functionally hold the teeth in place.  I have gone for a consult with an oral surgeon for a dental implant(s).  However, the roots for teeth #26 and 23 (which are healthy) are angled into the space where the implants would need to be placed and the surgeon feels that placing the implants would damage the roots for those teeth.  He suggests that all 4 teeth be pulled and two larger implants be placed were 26 and 23 were and placing a bridge over the implants.  When I consulted my dentist, who would be doing the restoritive work, he was concerned about pulling two perfectly good teeth and instead thinks that a traditional bridge would work as the space where 24 and 25 currently are is fairly small.  I am not sure what to do, I am not thrilled about pulling teeth or surgery but want the best option.  Seems like if I went with the bridge, and it failed at some point I could go to the implants, but if I pull the teeth first, there is no going back.  HELP!
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