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Wisdom Extraction swollen throat/pain swallowing

I had a routine wisdom tooth extraction performed on Mon the 23rd for the lower left wisdom tooth. Dentist used a local, and the extraction took approximately 5 mnutes. The tooth presented through the gums and was relatively straight.( Removed due to crowding lower front teeth) Dentist commented that the root appeared ice cream cone shaped and anticipated an easy extraction. I am now almost 4 days post extraction and starting yesterday afternoon I began to experience a swelling under my jaw bone on the left side, a golf ball sized swelling (lymph node?) and painful swallowing, all pain on the left. It is painful to turn my head to the left, lift my head and look up, and bend over towards the floor. Holding still does not relieve the pain and it woke me last night. As of right now the pain is approximately double what it was last night with only mild pain in the extraction site (the pain in the neck and throat are far greater then the surgery site), no fever, and a mild sweet rotten taste in the mouth as well. The extraction site appears pink, not red - actually a bit pale around the edges. I literally feel like I cannot handle the discomfort in my throat. It is extremely uncomfortable.

Is this normal for a routine extraction? As I said the actual tooth removal took approximately 5 minutes, however the dentist did need to use the full amount of local  (3) as the soft tissue became very numb but the nerve did not and I felt the extraction like hot electrical shocks throught the center of the wisdom tooth during the removal.

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