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and Old Crown continuetion

Just 3 days ago now winter January 7  very cold winter , cold outside. After flossing also woke up with my crown top back left above sensitive at tapping once again. I did some good cleaning of my teeth  and switch my mouth with H. peroxide diluted with water. Also had the old Antibiotics that the Dr changed on me still with me and start it to take CEPHALEXIN 500 MG. Next day after taking it, the pain when tapping  on my crown went away but then sensitive again in the back area above the gum and near the sinus. No swelling this time,no abscess, but a person told that my chick was red near below my eye near the  jaw bone. To day, after 3 days of taking the antibiotics is better, there is no sensitivity near the gum only above, hurts or sensitive w/hen y press above my tooth near the jaw or chick( face). I cant afford to see one more time my Dentist I was lay off from job and still looking for work.
Could you tell me if this is related to the old crown or may be the sinus or a periodontal problem.or a combination of both and bacteria going up to my sinus. Maybe be I need to have this old tooth remove. Not sure now what to do, nor  my Dentist or the root canal Dr are giving a good answer.
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Your descriptions suggest there may well be infection present.Seeing a dentist to identify the source of infection and eliminating it accordingly is advised.
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