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bumps on tongue and throat why

i have two bumps on each side of tongue i know that it is nomally doc said something bout papillaes or something like that but not only do i have those two bumps i  also have these large red bumps majority of them on right side going down my throat my throat has been sore for bout a month if not longer now including my earaches that ive been having ive been taking antibiotics the throat and ear pain seem to come ago its been coming and going for over amonth  now and i dont know what to do everyoc has said that the bumps on bACK OF TONGUE ARE SWOLLEN LYMPH TISSUE DUE TO INFECTION OR FROM SINUSES WELL WHEN AND HOW CAN I GET RED OF THIS I WANT THEM TO GO AWY OR IS IT SOMETHIN G ELSE LIKE CANCEROF SOME SORT PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!
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Seeing an ENT is advised.
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