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can they look perfect at some point?

so i am 20 yrs old. and i admitt i have taken pretty crappy care of my teeth. although they are nice and straight, i do have a ton of cavities. I just got dental ins through my mother, but im not sure how it works. All I want it to have nice looking teeth that i can take better care of. is it possible to go from a s**t ton of cavities( i have a pretty big one, right between my two front teeth), to pretty decent looking teeth? I would hate if i messed up my teeth for good.
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I tried to take good care of my teeth but they are still crappy and they always break, and get cavities and cause me pain and infections...but you can still have nice teeth as long as you get it taken care of now..all your cavities and everything..I think anyways...I also think they have this sealant stuff nowadays that they can put on your teeth after you get them all fixed up..and it blocks you from getting cavities and things like that...at least i thought I heard something like that. but i'm not a dentist..this is all just what i think... i hope it works out. keep me posted.
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I agree with "top 3 dentist" comment. Taking care of your teeth every day is important. Flossing, brushing and using the correct mouthwash. Taking care of your gums is just as important as taking care of the teeth. If your gums have disease, then you will lose your teeth.

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