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dry socket and infection

Had the second molar on the left, root canaled and crowned four years ago. I have been on antibiotics for cronic sinusitis every 3 months since then. I told my dentist that the tooth was hurting after the crown, but he said its normal.
The pain on that side of my mouth got worst, I've had molars on both sides root canaled since. Finally the denist sent me to an endodentist to check out the original crown. When he looked at it, the crown popped off, and released the ugliest smell I ever encountered.  
The following friday dentist pulled it out. He said that my problems would be over. He was wrong. THE PAIN STARTED SATURDAY Night. Monday he told me I had dry socket and packed it and put me on antibiotics. Tuesday morning it fell out, he packed it again.

Tuesday evening my regular dentist was suppose to finish a root canal on the other side, but when she saw the condition of the dry socket, she worked on that instead. She said their was great amounts of puss oozing out of it, and it had not started healing, so she froze me, scraped it, packed it, and sewed a quazie net over the hole. She said that she suspected it would continue to drain for several days due to the amount of puss and swelling above it. Much  swelling has gone down, my sinuses feel raw. The dry socket is still oozing massive amounts of puss.

I went back to the other denist in absolute pain today - 7 days post op. He said he it would be better to just leave it open and let nature take it's course. He perscibed me t3's for the pain, which are barely working and some kind of mouthwash for the swelling.
Question: Will the puss oozing out of the socket impede the healing or is it actually healing now? This is the fourth day that I can visibly see the puss, it stops oozing for a few hours at a time, then it starts up again for a few hours, then it stops again for a while.Should I cover the hole? I also see redish areas at the end of the socket on either side of pus area, hoping its the blood clot.
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