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large knot on jaw after extractions

Hi, I had an horizontal impacted lower right wisdom tooth that was just extracted along with 2 teeth in front of it. I've had dental problems my whole life but finally able to start getting everything taken care of. Anyway, teeth were surgically removed 9 days ago, and after about day 3 this knot developed on my lower jaw. It might be half the size of a golf ball, accompanied by intense pressure and soreness, no pain though. Went back after 7 days for the stiches to be removed and the dr. pressed on it and all, said it was a large blood clot and to give it some time and it would go away on it's own. Come back if it started throbbing or if it got painful to the touch. Anyone else ever had this issue or know anything that could help? I'm just a little concerned and tired of the pressure, on darvocet for it now but still just concerned. Thanks for any advice.
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